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    • Janitorial Services Knoxville

      Janitorial Services Knoxville

      Do you need to hire more janitors to keep your office clean? Then how about just getting the services of a cleaning contractor instead of hiring another janitor instead?

    • Office Cleaning Knoxville

      Office Cleaning Knoxville

      There will come a time where you’ll celebrate inside the office because of a job well done by your employees or to motivate them after a long week of working overtime.

    • Industrial Cleaning Knoxville

      Industrial Cleaning Knoxville

      The cleanliness of your office should not be taken for granted. It should always be a priority. This is why a lot of companies hire janitors to keep their offices clean and ready for the next working day.

Janitorial Services

Do you need to hire more janitors to keep your office clean? Then how about just getting the services of a cleaning contractor instead of hiring another janitor instead? If you’re asking whether it’s the same or not, there’s an actual difference with the two suggestions. Getting a janitor with the help of a cleaning contractor means that this janitor is fully certified and trained to clean your office efficiently. Well, that is the ideal situation, but there will also be times where the janitor that the company will send might be dubious. As for simply hiring a janitor, it’s a big gamble for both you and this person. You can simply employ anyone to be your office janitor.

Since you’re going to spend hard earned money on hiring a janitor anyway, you’ll certainly want a janitor who knows how to clean the office without problems. You also need someone trustworthy because a janitor’s shift usually involves during a time where all your employees have gone home for the day. You can talk with the cleaning contractor to ensure that you’re getting someone reliable for the job.

Commercial cleaners are often more economically sound than adding a janitor to your payroll. They can save you money and time as well as provide you with peace of mind. Many companies add a janitor to the payroll, costing more money than necessary, requiring extra paperwork, insurance, and other liabilities. Here are some benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service.

When companies hire janitors, they generally can only afford one or two. So what happens when vacation time rolls around or there’s a sick day? What if the janitor isn’t available right before an important meeting or a big client visit? Janitorial services don’t take breaks or sick days. Whether you need regular, reliable cleaning or just a one-time sprucing up, commercial cleaners are always available to send someone out to your business.

Many commercial cleaners also provide inventory and restocking services which include handling such necessities as hand soap, paper products, janitorial tools, and cleaning supplies. Too often restocking these necessary items goes unnoticed until an emergency arises or employees find themselves wiping their hands on their pants. Having a professional service handle inventory will save you time and worry.

And if you need reliable janitorial services, you can count on us to give you the best. Knoxville Commercial Cleaning offers only the best-trained janitors for all our clients. We only want to make sure that our customers get the best people for the job. For more information on our cleaning services, give us a call today!